One thought on “Get the Facts: Bias in the Classroom”

  • Our entire Education system was hijacked many years ago and we are now seeing the results of this indoctrination. The socialist mindset is now dominant among a vast number of people, particularly those who have attended University with its so-called “higher education”. It has been through this insidious agenda that people’s minds have been turned against Capitalism, Christianity, and common sense. Totalitarianism has relied on brainwashing the masses all throughout history and controlling education is a crucial factor to its success. 1920’s Germany used these techniques very effectively and we hopefully remember what happened there!
    Demonizing our Oil and Gas industry is just another step used to implement more control over our lives and to keep us from becoming any wealthier than the Gods of control deem allowable.
    There is much more to this madness than just people against oil. It is a much larger issue and much more dangerous, oppressive and widespread than what appears on the surface. As a relatively free (at least for the present) society we have to stand up to this ideology and those behind it. It means normal, everday common men and women must start talking and start doing. I speak up in line at grocery stores and wherever to point out the absurdity of “climate change” and our role in its evolvement. I speak up to those idiots telling me to drive less and wanting me to support windmills (which are a damn blight on any landscape)
    That’s all for now folks, I need to go fire up my truck to burn some fossil fuel and maybe warm up the local climate. (what are these climate change “enforcers” going to tell us when the next ice age comes?)

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