4 thoughts on “Get The Facts: Life Without Oil and Gas

  • Awesome job……..
    Let’s get the facts out and educate all Canadians.
    Would be a good idea to break out the oil source for all areas of the country……..so they can visualize who’s oil they use…….and what their money funds……Canadian jobs…….or Regimes of questionable conduct

  • It is a really good thing to present sometimes technical content in layman’s terms. Be more careful about your wording however. Making something simple does not mean you need to make it incorrect. The “facts” presented here can have inaccuracies in them which cast the rest in a less than believable light. For example, one phrase above has 3 problems…. it is “bitumen is the glue that binds all the minerals together”. Paved roads in the equatorial regions are often concrete as asphalt ones melt in the heat. So the above statement is not true. Also bitumen is not synonymous with asphalt.. One can’t just put most bitumens on the road and expect them to do the job of asphalt. Lets not use the term “minerals” in place of the word “rocks” or “aggregate” used in road paving. Minerals make up the rocks. There is a difference between the two. Again I applaud your intention. It is a good one. Oil and Gas production and usage is the very necessary bridge we need to take us into the upcoming post-fossil fuel era. Blame and shame heaped on this amazing set of molecules by misinformed “environmentalists” of the world that has gotten us this far is just not helpful. So bottom line, by all means simplify, but remain accurate.

  • Awesome information, everyone who is against the use of oil should be aware of this.
    My daughter who is very spiritual has the opinion a Greater Power (ie God) put everything on earth for us to use including cattle, pigs, chickens, vegetation to ensure our survival. Of course I agree with her.

  • I thought most oil would go to gas production, so I was surprised to see it was under half. I also thought it was interesting that it goes to the production of tires too. I didn’t know that. We definitely wouldn’t have cars without oil.

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