Oil Respect: September Update

It’s September first and we are now almost eight months into the Oil Respect campaign. I want to personally thank all of you who have supported the campaign so far; together we have started to change the conversation about oil and gas in Canada.

Oil Respect is an important campaign because it represents the people and families who work in our industry, and those who support it. As we have been saying since the beginning, we are used to the ups and downs that come with the price of oil, but this time it’s different. The misinformed information and attacks against our industry, in spite of reaching the point of ridiculousness, have gained so much traction they are starting to influence government policy and, together with this long period of low oil prices, are piling on oil workers and oil families like never before.


So we are going to keep standing up for our industry and our people. We’ve refreshed the look of our social media banners, and from now until Christmas, we will be working hard to:

1) Ask Canadians to write letters supporting the Canadian oil and gas industry to their MPs and MLAs, and we will be featuring these letters each week on our Facebook page.

2) Deliver our Oil Respect message to groups in Ontario, Quebec, and the Maritimes.

We know the silent majority of Canadians support our world-class oil and gas industry provided it respects the environment and people. Our industry creates jobs and tax revenues for all Canadians, and keeps our economy healthy, and we have a lot to be proud of.

Please keep up-to-date on our activities on Facebook, Twitter and here at oilrespect.ca. With your help, and with the facts on our side, we can challenge radical activists and our provincial and federal governments to have serious, adult conversations about leading the way for oil and gas in Canada.

Thank you,

Mark Scholz
Spokesman for Oil Respect

3 thoughts on “Oil Respect: September Update

  • It would be a great idea to start a new petition, I live in Calgary and would fully support your efforts but I just heard about your group and the petition today. The petition apparently closed in July with only 30 some thousand people signing, I know for a fact that by emailing my friends I could get at least that many signatures from their contacts.

    • Thanks for the note Lynn. We will be supporting more petitions in the coming months and would really appreciate your help in getting them signed.

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