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  • I’m all for supporting the Alberta & Canadian oil, gas & related products industry here in Alberta. However, is there a way to know that if I buy oil, gas, diesel, ect. here in Alberta, that it is a product of Alberta or Canada? (Much like at the grocery store choosing to buy items that are labeled product of Canada. You would think that in Alberta it would be, but you never see Fas Gas, Shell, Esso, ect. advertise saying “selling Canadian gas to Canadians “? Is there someone in this group /site that has info about this?

  • Great Comment, Diane Fair

    I’ve been asking myself the same question over the past couple of years. We should be supporting the branding of our Alberta / Canadian products at the retail pumps.

    • What if everything that comes out of Alberta is owned by Texans, Communist Chinese, French and Norwegians?

  • We should be applying pressure to Quebec and the Eastern provinces to buy Canadian oil. Transfer payments and Canadian jobs for all provinces and people, seems like a no brainer. Rather than Importing oil from other nations with brutal regimes and no regard for the environment or reclamation practices. Schools, Hospitals, parks and playgrounds and places like the Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum just to name a few, all benefit. I do not think the rest of the country truly understand how much oil companies return to communities that are a betterment for us all. Everybody wins!….. keep up the good work oil respect. Buy Canadian means more than just local farmers.

  • No wonder the QUEBEC economy is free falling – Just can’t imagine how could a rational human accept importing oil in a country that is ranked Third on proven reserves ???
    I was calculating how much Canada is spending (Extra C$) on imported Oil … See below
    Imports 700,000 bbl/day X 365 days X US$ 15.00 price differential X 1.40 Currency exchange rate = MORE THAN 5 BILLION C$!

    When the Mr. Morneau is saying that Canada is struggling with 18 Billions of 2017 Budget deficit :
    Shouldn’t he consider an easy 5 Billions of those !

    When Mr. Trudeau promises spending on Infrastructure to boost the economy ” Aren’t pipe lines a very important infra structure?” Note that over the past 5 years USA extended its internal pipelines network by ~ 20,000 kilometers WOW.

  • Every one is missing the big business reason that Alberta oil is not wanted, Question, who owns the big shipping company,s bringing in the oil, who owns the rain systems, it the big corporations pushing back through the federal government. And being that these big corps always feed back to federal government party’s that are in power at the time. Will be a hard sell !! Just Say’n

  • needless to say the most likly reason quebec imports oil instead of using domestic is that a politician sold canada down the river for a short term personal gain. how we find ourselves in a position of importing oil when we are fairly awash in it, as a country, is a never ending source of amazment for me. how many thousands of people would still be gainfully employed right now if we had, in the “fat” times, invested in pipelines and refinerys. as far as big business calling the shots and the feds not being masters of our destiny i think this is just a cop out by politicians who are either on the take or cowards. when are canadians going to stand up for themselves. while our prime minister jet sets around the world playing statesman our economy goes to hell in a hand cart, not that he or his set will have to worry about such mundane things as paying the mortgage or bill……he wont get laid off. too bad!

  • The oil and gas industry in Canada has done a very poor job over the years of show casing the value that this very important industry contributes to the whole nation. There is a huge amount of ignorance east of Sask regarding this value and the leading edge in technology and environmental stewardship that the industry has undertaken during production of the product. 1000’s of multiples of any country in the world including the U.S. How is it that the oil and gas industry also leads in aboriginal engagement compared to any other industry in the country, and no one speaks of this, including aboriginal companies? I am extremely happy that Oil Respect has been launched.

  • Oh how the proud have fallen! Alberta sold its oil to the highest bid, a great capitalist moment and why not make as much money as possible.
    $100 a barrel oil= Canadian dollar at par with the USA dollar= manufacturing costs in Ontario increasing = unemployment in Ontario.yes this is a simplified statement…book to follow.

    That said, I still agree that we need an oil east pipeline. I agree that we should buy Canadian first always! I believe this to the tune of being willing to pay more at the pumps if it was Canadian. I live in Ontario but I also live in Canada. Work together to get through tough times!

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